Directive to support single- and multi-selects with high usability
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w11k-select - Single- and Multi-Select Directive for AngularJS

w11k-select is an AngularJS directive created to replace the default HTML select element which has a poor usability for most use cases particularly in desktop browsers.


  • Single- and multi-select
  • High performance and usability even with hundreds of options
  • Filter options to find the right one quickly
  • Uses Twitter Bootstrap markup / styling, comes with default css but easy to adjust / override
  • Disabled state and required-validation
  • Customisable texts (placeholders and selected representation)

Getting Started


  • Install via Bower (w11k-select) or download manually from our release repository (https://github.com/w11k/w11k-select-bower)
  • Include scripts into your application (w11k-select and dependencies):
    • jQuery
    • AngularJS
    • bind-once
    • w11k-dropdownToggle
    • w11k-select
  • Add dependency to w11k-select to your angular module


see https://github.com/w11k/w11k-select


see milestones and issues at https://github.com/w11k/w11k-select/issues


MIT - see LICENSE file

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