A set of angular directives and c# classes designed to rapidly build modern web applications
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Author: 5685705?v=3 unosquare
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Tubular provides a set of directives and services using AngularJS as framework, the main component is a grid with multiple options:

  • Full markup design, you don't need to write even a Controller in AngularJS to start using our Grid.
  • Common functionality like Sorting, Filtering (specific to the data type), Free-text search, Paging and more.
  • Easy to implement inline editors or popup forms totally bound to your grid.
  • Basic services like Print and Export to CSV in client-side.

Bower Installation


You will need to reference the following JS libraries in order to use Tubular in your HTML:

Also, if you use the Visual Studio you will need the excellent Web Essentials plug-in in order to generate the Tubular bundles.

Using CDN

You can get all dependencies using the next lines in your initial HTML page. jsDelivr has almost everything you need.

Then you need to grab your own Tubular copy or you can use the same CDN to retrieve Tubular CSS and JS files.

Finally update your modules to include Tubular, for example if your module is called app.

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