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With many years of experience with Web-Frameworks we were in the business since the early JavaScript days, know every single bit in jQuery and learnt a lot about Knockout, Angular, React, and Durandal. But time goes on.

Now Angular 4 is here we have – the very first tim in years – such a strong feeling in our guts that’s now the first step from ancient crap into something really professional. It brings the level we all know from Java and C# and the mature backend frameworks to the frontend. And it goes on. TypeScript is here and know we have something that’s an improvement for front end developers that matters:

TypeScript brings a whole new level to pros like us. And it makes out world easier – at least a bit. And it improves the quality of our product – not just a bit, a whole new step. The last year (yes, we’re in 2017 already) brought a lot experience and some nice projects and the outcome is an advanced peace of software that’s going to make our life with Angular 4 a lot easier.

It’s a widget library that bring the power of Bootstrap 4 to Angular and adds some very cool stuff to build sophisticated forms – faster than ever.

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