Instant User Database For Angular

This module integrates Stormpath into your application, providing you with an instant user database - no need for MongoDB or anything else, just get started with creating and authenticating users!

Sample Applications

Looking for an example? Please see these following examples:

Simple Example With Express.js

Robust Example With Yeoman Boilerplate

Cross-Origin Example (API On Different Server)

Documentation & Guide

The API documentation for the module can be found here:

An in-depth walkthrough of the Yeoman example can be found here:


  • Hosted User Database
  • Configurable forms for login and registration
  • Password reset workflow (by email)
  • Email verification workflow
  • Access control for UI-Router views


Curious? Here's some screenies that show you what's included:

Registration Form

Login Form

User Information

What is Stormpath?

Stormpath is a hosted solution or all your user management needs. We securely store your user data and offer self-service workflows for user registration, email verification, and password reset.

What else do we do?

  • Social Login
  • Custom User Data
  • API Authentication
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