A Smartsheet Picker directive for AngularJS
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Smartsheet Picker AngularJS

An AngularJS directive that provides an expandable tree-view of a Smartsheet user's sheets, reports, workspaces and sights.

Smartsheet Picker Folder Tree

The directive consumes the response from a GET /home call from the Smartsheet API and organizes it into a tree structure that is also searchable.


To install drop the smartsheetPicker directory into your project and be sure to include the following files in your html:

smartsheetPicker/ * dist/smartsheetPicker.module.js * dist/smartsheetPicker.directive.js * dist/smartsheetPicker.css


<smartsheet-picker on-sheet-select="vm.setSelectedSheet(selectedSheet)" tree-data="vm.treeData" selected-sheet= "vm.selectedSheet" include-sheets="true" include-reports="true" include-sights="false"></smartsheet-picker>

The directive provides several options for customization. Here's an explanation of each of the available parameters: * on-sheet-select: this is the callback function that will be called when an item in the picker is selected

  • tree-data: the json response from calling GET /home from the Smartsheet API
  • selected-sheet: value of the selected sheet

  • include-sheets: boolean value of whether sheets will be included in the picker

  • include-reports: boolean value of whether reports will be included in the picker

  • include-sights: boolean value of whether sights will be included in the picker


This was built and tested with AngularJS v. 1.6.5 and Bootstrap 3.3.7

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