Custom scrollbar plugin for AngularJS
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Custom scrollbar plugin for AngularJS


A small, unobtrusive plugin for AngularJS that allows placement of a custom scrollbar on any element. It will retain its size, but place any child elements into a scaling container div. The container's size can be set to automatically update, or can be called manually by broadcasting a 'recalculateScrollbars' event from your controller scope.


Using the plugin is very easy - simply add the attribute ng-scrollbar, where the attribute's value is the config for the scrollbar. Example:

The roster div will stay at whatever dimensions your CSS dictates, and anything inside will expand infinitely in whatever direction you specify in the config.


You should pass an object as the value of ng-scrollbar. Here is an example with all of the attributes you may set. Shown values are the default values.


The plugin has not yet been rigorously tested, but should work in all modern browsers, and in IE9+

Contact & License Info

Author: Matthew Balmer
Twitter: @mattbalmer Website: License: MIT

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