An Angular JS directive table
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Author: 245290? rockabox
Submitted by: 1407863?v=2 nwhite89

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This is a table directive built for Angular JS. The main aim for this project is to have a table directive, in which very minimal HTML has to be written. Allowing the majority of the code to be written in JS, and allowing for as much customisation as possible.


With bower bower install rb-table

After loading Angular <script src="rb-table.min.js"></script>


To help us develop this module, we are using Grunt some tasks that may be helpful for you to know about are:


This command will run JSHint and JSCS testing JS Files (note files within build) are not tested, it will also run your local build of the module with all of the Karma tests:

grunt test


This command will build the module, run it through ngMin and then create a minified version of the module, ready for distribution:

grunt build

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