AngularJS time selector
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AngularJS time selector


Angular Strap did not easily play well with other date time objects and editing the time in an INPUT was preferable to AngularUI's control.

Supports input formats: HHmm, hh:mmAM, HH:mm for easy keyboard input. Use arrow keys (up,down,left,right,tab) to select and adjust time.

ngModel: required, watched, date object, default: local now fixedDay: optional, boolean, default: false. If time can move past a 24 hour restriction and adjust the day of the date object. minuteStep: optional, numeric, default: 5. How many minutes to increase time when using the UP arrow key. The down arrow key always is 1 minute. min/max: optional, watched, date object, forces limits. Important when fixedDay = false

If your interested please rip this apart. Looking for lessons in proper use of AngularJs, javaScript and GitHub.

ToDo Wrap a popup (like AngularUI) for easy mobile input, or if possible, revert to html5 input=time for mobile.

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