Load modules on demand (lazy load) in AngularJS
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Load modules on demand (lazy load) in AngularJS

Key features

  • Dependencies are automatically loaded
  • Debugger friendly (no eval code)
  • The ability to mix normal boot and load on demand
  • Load via the service or the directive
  • Use the embedded async loader or use your own (requireJS, ...)
  • Load js (angular or not) / css / templates files
  • Compatible with AngularJS 1.2.x/1.3.x/1.4.x


  • Put ocLazyLoad.js into your project

  • Add the module oc.lazyLoad to your application (you can install it with bower install oclazyload or npm install oclazyload)

  • Load on demand: With $ocLazyLoad you can load angular modules, but if you want to load any component (controllers / services / filters / ...) without defining a new module it's entirely possible (just make sure that you define this component within an existing module).

There are multiple ways to use $ocLazyLoad to load your files, just choose the one that you prefer.

See the example in the 'example' folder to know how to integrate ocLazyLoad with your router.

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