Stupidly simple select box directive for angular
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NOPS SELECT Directive for angular

nopsSelect directive is a very simple and easy to use directive for creating a custom select box which has features such as searching through values and executing custom function for choosing More.. value. nopsSelect is not a wrapper for any jquery select boxes.It's nearly 100% written in angular without any jquery code. It's very simple and has no complexity, So you can edit it and customize it by yourself.


For now The only thing you should need is off-click directive. But soon, I'll write some code to make it an independent directive.

This Directive is tested with angular 1.3.3 and it shouldn't be a problem with newer versions of angular. But if you found an issue, Please tell me to fix it.


Download and clone it from github and in your code, Include the js and css file:

and in your main angular app:


List of attributes:

| Attribute | Definition | Notes | | --------- | ---------- | ----- | | dt-list | List of data should be represented by directive. | Array of json objects that should have an id and name property | | ng-model | Selected value which is now a ngModel directive. | | more | Function that will be executed upon clicking on more.. | | is-required| Determine whether a value should be required or not. |

Note: All of this attributes are required.


See the LICENSE.MD file.


  • Add Enable/Disable functionality
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