Extension library for AngularJS projects
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Author: lmc-eu
Submitted by: abtris


Simple extension library for AngularJS used in LMC projects. Mostly UI components, inspired by Angular-UI project.

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... and try demos


  • AngularJS v1.0+
  • jQuery, jQuery UI - for some directives

To do

This is an initial open-sourced version of this library, more to come soon.

  • ngx.ui.imageupload with flash upload for browsers without File API (IE8)
  • more global configuration via ngxConfig
  • separate modules which use external libraries (ngx.ui.fancybox, ngx.ui.jqDialog, ngx.ui.twDialog) with configurable usage in ngx.ui.wysiwyg/lightbox/dialog
  • more demos
  • documentation
  • tests
  • dependency map
  • custom build
  • lots of refactoring
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