Angularjs directive for clipboard.js
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Angularjs directive for clipboard.js by @zenorocha


You can get it on npm.

Or bower, too.

If you're not into package management, just download a ZIP file.


First, include angularjs and clipboard.js into your document.

Then Include ngclipboard.js.

Add ngclipboard dependency to your module javascript var myApp = angular.module('app', ['ngclipboard']);

Finally, add ngclipboard directive to the wanted html element.


We're living a declarative renaissance, that's why we decided to take advantage of HTML5 data attributes for better usability.

Copy text from another element

A pretty common use case is to copy content from another element. You can do that by adding a data-clipboard-target attribute in your trigger element.

The value you include on this attribute needs to match another's element selector.

Cut text from another element

Additionally, you can define a data-clipboard-action attribute to specify if you want to either copy or cut content.

If you omit this attribute, copy will be used by default.

As you may expect, the cut action only works on <input> or <textarea> elements.

Copy text from attribute

Truth is, you don't even need another element to copy its content from. You can just include a data-clipboard-text attribute in your trigger element.


There are cases where you'd like to show some user feedback or capture what has been selected after a copy/cut operation.

That's why we fire custom events such as success and error for you to listen and implement your custom logic.

ngclipboard provides you two attributes called ngclipboard-success and ngclipboard-error to listen the clipboard events and implement your custom logic.

For a live demonstration, open this site and just your console :)

Browser Support

This library relies on both Selection and execCommand APIs. The second one is supported in the following browsers.

| | | | | | |:---:|:---:|:---:|:---:|:---:| | 42+ ✔ | 41+ ✔ | 9+ ✔ | 29+ ✔ | Nope ✘ |

Although copy/cut operations with execCommand aren't supported on Safari yet (including mobile), it gracefully degrades because Selection is supported.

That means you can show a tooltip saying Copied! when success event is called and Press Ctrl+C to copy when error event is called because the text is already selected.

For a live demonstration, open this site on Safari.


MIT License

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