AngularJS module for Oracle Webcenter
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Welcome to ng-webcenter!

An angular module that attempts to wrap services from Webcenter REST API to corresponding angular services. The module also provides a unique HTTP interceptor that enriches the HATEOAS response from Webcenter REST API by parsing the associated Link Model and converting each link to a corresponding method. These method(s), when invoked will return a HTTP Promise that will resolve to the response object.

This work is inspired by project webcenter-rest



As of now, the following Webcenter REST API have their corresponding AngularJS services.

Webcenter Service | AngularJS service --------------------- | ----------------- Discussions | wcDiscussionsService Lists | wcPeopleService,wcPortalService People Connections | wcPeopleService,wcWallService,wcActivityService WebCenter Spaces | wcPortalService Activity Graph | Work In Progress Events | wcEventsService Feedback | Work In Progress Search | Work In Progress Tags | Work In Progress Navigation | wcCore Content | Work In Progress


API docs are available here. Work is in progress to make the documentation more extensive.

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