Folks, for your judgement and, hopefully, contributions, here is the true angular WYSIWYG. I took images and layout from the tinyeditor, so kudos to Michael Leigeber.

Here is the Demo


  1. AngularJS1.2.x
  2. Angular Sanitize1.2.x


  1. Include wysiwyg.js in your project using script tags.
  2. Add dependency to ngWYSIWYG to your app module. Example: angular.module('myApp', ['ngWYSIWYG']).
  3. Add element <wysiwyg-edit content="your_variable"></wysiwyg-edit>.

Why iFrame?

A real rich text editor must reflect the true stage of the editing content. Any CSS and/or Javascript on the host page must not overide the specifics of the content. Moreover, iframe allows to issolate your security issues (any possible Javascript code in the content may polute your window's scope).


If you find any, please let me know by sumbitting an issue request. I will be working on it actively.


Contributions are welcome and special thanks to all the contributions!


MIT license

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