Angular.js Radial Gauge
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Angular.js Radial Gauge

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This radial gauge builded using D3.js JavaScript library is designed for Angular.js framework.

List of directive attributes: -majorGraduations: Quantity of major graduation distributed on the gauge -minorGraduations: Quantity of minor graduation between each major graduation -majorGraduationColor: Color used to draw major graduation lines -minorGraduationColor: Color used to draw minor graduation lines -majorGraduationTextColor: Color used to draw text beside major graduation lines -needleColor: Color used to draw needle pointing actual value -width: Width of the gauge * If no value are provided by the controller the needle won't be display. * If the value provided by the controller is outside the limits defined, the needle won't be display but the value will be display.

Html view sample code usage: <body ng-app="myApp"> <div ng-controller="RadialGaugeCtrl"> <div width="300" ng-radial-gauge ranges="ranges" value="value" value-unit="unit" precision="precision" lower-limit="lowerLimit" upper-limit="upperLimit"></div> </div> </body>

Controller sample code usage: app.controller('RadialGaugeCtrl', ['$scope', function ($scope) { $scope.value = 1.5; $scope.upperLimit = 6; $scope.lowerLimit = 0; $scope.unit = "kW"; $scope.precision = 2; $scope.ranges = [ { min: 0, max: 1.5, color: '#DEDEDE' }, { min: 1.5, max: 2.5, color: '#8DCA2F' }, { min: 2.5, max: 3.5, color: '#FDC702' }, { min: 3.5, max: 4.5, color: '#FF7700' }, { min: 4.5, max: 6.0, color: '#C50200' } ]; }]);

If you would like to help me to improve this control, notify me about any bug or just ask a for a new feature request feel free to contact me at

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