Angular Directive for Quill rich text editor
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ngQuill is an Angular.js directive for Quill rich text editor.



  • load angular, quill, ngquill scripts in your index.html
  • add dependency to your app module var myAppModule = angular.module('quillTest', ['ngQuill']);
  • use ngquill directive in your html <ng-quill-editor ng-model="message" toolbar="true" link-tooltip="true" image-tooltip="true" toolbar-entries="font size bold list bullet italic underline strike align color background link image" editor-required="true" required="" error-class="input-error"></ng-quill-editor>


  • show toolbar: toolbar="true" (default: false)
  • connect model: ng-model="message" (required)
  • set toolbar entries (formats): toolbar-enries="font bold ..." (separated by whitespace, if you want all -> delete the attribute, default: all)
  • show link tooltip: link-tooltip="true" (default: false)
  • show image tooltip: image-tooltip="true" (default: false)
  • set to required: editor-required="true" (adds hidden text-input that checks length of content) and you have to add html5 attribute required to carry about form validation for the model (sets correct classes at the dom-node - ng-dirty, invalid and so on)
  • customized error class added to editors container div: error-class="input-error"
  • set theme name: theme="snow" (default: 'snow')
  • set readOnly: read-only="true" (default: false)
  • set translations: translations="dict.editor" (object with editor translations -> default is english)


  • font: 'Font',
  • size: 'Size',
  • small: 'Small',
  • normal: 'Normal',
  • large: 'Large',
  • huge: 'Huge',
  • bold: 'Bold',
  • italic: 'Italic',
  • underline: 'Underline',
  • strike: 'Strikethrough',
  • textColor: 'Text Color',
  • backgroundColor: 'Background Color',
  • list: 'List',
  • bullet: 'Bullet',
  • textAlign: 'Text Align',
  • left: 'Left',
  • center: 'Center',
  • right: 'Right',
  • justify: 'Justify',
  • link: 'Link',
  • image: 'Image',
  • visitURL: 'Visit URL',
  • change: 'Change',
  • done: 'Done',
  • cancel: 'Cancel',
  • insert: 'Insert',
  • preview: 'Preview'


  • editorCreated: triggered after editor is created and provides editor-object

Advanved Usage and Configuration

After editor creation you can use everything from the ordinary quill editor -> listen to editorCreated and work with the editor instance in your controller like you want ;). Add modules, use the quill API or listen to Events. Keep in mind to use $timeout if you are listening / working with quill-Events and updating some $scope stuff to notify angular about it ;). Quill Documentation

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