Provides modular file structure with module auto-loading capabilities for AngularJS applications.
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Check out the demo of ngModular:


  • Organize AngularJS applications and modules into a flexible file structure.
  • Split modules into separate files, i.e. FooController.js, BarController.js, FooService.js, etc.
  • Create independent shareable modules.
  • Load modules on the fly, after the applications has been bootstrapped.
  • Leverage path-to-module resolution with module auto loading capability.
  • Decrease initial load time by loading only modules required to initialize the application, i.e. index module.
  • Organize and share generic application level components accessible by all modules, i.e. filters, directives, etc.
  • Provide higher security by loading secure modules after authentication.
  • Build flexible and scalable applications.
  • Easy for development, solid for production.
  • Minification ready.


  • require.js
  • ngRoute

This module is the part of the adhesive.js framework.

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