Angular Directive for the famous JS Tree library
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Angular Directive for the famous JS Tree library.


The ngJsTree depends on the following libraries: * Angular * JsTree


You can install the ngJsTree with bower:

or you can add the ngJsTree.min.js file to your HTML page: html <script src="jqeury.js"> <script src="angular.js"> <script src="jstree.min.js"> <script src="ngJsTree.min.js">


You can find the JSTree documentation at this link


  • treeConfig - This is the configuration object of the JsTree, if you will not supply one, an empty one will be created (not mandatory).
  • treeData - The array with the elements of the tree, will be used for data binding (adding / removing / updating this data will be reflected in the tree).
  • ignoreModelChanges() - A method that returns true or false. when returning false, model changes will not be reflected in the tree (not mandatory).
  • treeInstance - The Js Tree instance will be assigned to this variable in your controller scope (not mandatory).
  • ready:readyCB;create_node:createNodeCB - List of Js Tree events and callbacks in your controller scope that will be called for each event (not mandatory.

Registering for events

You can register a callback for any Js Tree event in the following way: * add the tree-events attribute and specify the name of the events to register for and a callback for each event.

Example: html <div ng-controller='myCtrl'> <div js-tree="treeConfig" ng-model="treeData" should-apply="ignoreModelChanges()" tree="treeInstance"tree-events="ready:readyCB;create_node:createNodeCB"></div> </div> ```javascript angular.module('myApp').controller('myCtrl', function($scope,$log) { $scope.readyCB = function() { $'ready called'); };


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