Native reusable angular charts
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Pure Angular SVG Charting

Not production-ready. This library is in its infancy.

Licensed under cc by-sa 3.0 with attribution required

Work in progress - very rough code


The purpose of this project is to implement SVG based charting using native angular techniques and no reliance on external libraries (jQuery, d3 etc).

Check the examples folder for current examples.

Live Demo

Key Development Tenets

Only use Angular or Vanilla Javascript

Maintain seperation of concerns - all styling kept to CSS, content HTML, functionality JS

Adhere to Angular design principles

Adhere to JS best practice

Charts should be declarative, responsive & reusable


Include the ngChart.js and ngChart.css files, to use:

Where ng-controller is the name of the controller to use to source chart data, a controller can be applied to the directive (<ng-chart />) element itself, or to its parent.

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