a angularjs directive for github-like autocomplete
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Github like autocompleter in any textarea for angularjs. This module is build on top of jquery-textcomplete, build for angularjs app. For demo you may check the example folder.


Gettting started

jQuery MUST be loaded ahead.

Include ng-textcomplete module script with AngularJS script on your page.

Add textcomplete to your app module's dependency.

And in your template, use it like this: <textcomplete members='members' message='message'></textcomplete>

You can also use it in any element with a contenteditable attribute set to true <div textcomplete members='members' message='message' contenteditable='true'></div>

Install with Bower

Note that the ng-textcomplete bower package contains no AngularJS dependency.

$ bower install ng-textcomplete

This module is still way far from being perfect, but is ready for production. You can use it in your project. And anytime you think it's not good and want to improve it, a pull request is more than welcome.



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