$http interceptor spinner for angular.js
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$http interceptor spinner for angular.js

Sometimes, you just need to show a spinning animation for some or every $http (ajax) request. This module makes your life easier by providing global, request specific and manual/non-http option to show/hide spinner. Shipped with multiple spinner types made by tobiasahlin.




Include angular.min.js, ng-spin.min.js and ng-spin.min.css

Add module to your app's dependencies list.


| option | values | default | role | | ------ | ------ | ------- | ---- | | autoGlobal | true/false | false | show spinner for every $http request (automatically) | | spinner | bars, big-bang, binary, cubes, flipboard, ping, plane, snake, sos, worm | big-bang | choose spinner animation type | | size | normal, sm, xs | normal | size of the spinner | | color | hex, rgba | #333 | color of the spinner | | position | left-top, right-top, left-bottom, right-bottom, center | right-top | position of the spinner on the page | | blocking | false, white, black, transparent | false | show page overlay for spinner | | delay | time in milliseconds | 0 | delay animation start | | extend | time in milliseconds | 100 | extend animation |

delay and extend options are used only in case of Global or Request specific implementation.

Do not add delay more than extend.

Implement (use)

Global (auto)

If you are setting autoGlobal in config to true then you pretty much done here. All your $http requests will be intercepted by ng-spin and spinner will be shown.

But If you want to show animation manually, then there are two other options as mentioned below.

Request specific (semi-auto)

Setting ngSpin to true in request object of a $http request will trigger ng-spin interceptor to show spinner for that request.


You can use $ngSpin service which returns start and stop method for spinner.



As most of the thing is happening inside config phase, there isn't must to simulate. Clone this repo and open demo/main.html in browser. Try different options in config block.

Go to to get a look and feel of it. I have set autoGlobal to true, so every $http request is intercepted by ng-spin.


This repo is built with gulp. Clone this repo and use npm install --only=dev for custom build.

Bug reports andContribution

  • If you have any queries or bug reports, create issues here or send me email on
  • If you have more spinners or any enhancement, please send a PR with details.
  • If you run naked around a tree, at about 87 km/h, there is a possibility of fucking yourself.
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