Angularjs directive that enables slim scrollbar with CSS customization
Author: 3657681?v=3 ytlabs
Submitted by: 1814767?v=3 kokeksibir


This project is AngularJS adaptation of kamlekar's slim-scroll ,

All credits goes to kamlekar. I have just tried to reimplement its work in angularjs.


demo.html file contains example usage. View demo



  1. Require ng-slim-scroll.js in your html file

    <script src="ng-slim-scroll.js"></script>

  2. Require base CSS style

    a. If you use less import ng-slim-scroll.less in your less file

    @import "ng-slim-scroll.less"

    b. Else require ng-slim-scroll.css in your html file

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="ng-slim-scroll.css">

  3. Add module name 'ng-slim-scroll' to your apps dependencies

  4. Add slim-scroll or data-slim-scroll attribute to the element you want to add slim scroll

    <div data-slim-scroll data-options="options"> long long long text </div>

If you want to provide options to slim scroll instance, as defined in original project, you can use options data field.

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