filters for searching some/all properties of objects
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A set of filters for angular.js that allow filtering by all/some properties of an object. Filtering on strings, rather than objects, is also supported.

Includes a match filter (your typical string.indexOf() match) and a fuzzy filter.

Some clarification is needed on the term "fuzzy" filter. This is not an implementation of one of the "best match" algorithms. Instead this filter checks to see if the characters in your search term appear (in order) in the data, regardless of how many characters are between them. For instance "nok" will match both "Nokia" (nok..) and "New York" (n...o.k) but not "Acknowledge" ( because, while all three letters appear, they're not in the correct order. If you're familiar with Sublime Text's command palette, it works in the same way.

All searches are case-insensitive.

See the README on github for syntax, examples, and more.

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