An AngularJS wrapper module for oboe.js.
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An Angular wrapper for Jim Higson's oboe.js, following Angular's $http module conventions. Thanks for Jim for creating such a cool library!


To use ng-oboe, add the 'ng-oboe' module as an an app dependency.

With ng-oboe as an app dependency, we can now inject oboe into a controller, service, factory, etc. and call oboe methods.

This oboe wrapper supports GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE, used just like the equivalent methods on the $http object. The oboe wrapper, once called with one of the methods above, will return an object exposing oboe's events (such as .on() and .node()).

NOTE: Due to angular conventions, oboe's .done() and .fail() functions are are also aliased to .success() and .error(), respectively. This (hopefully) should allow ng-oboe to serve as a drop-in replacement to $http without any code changes.

This library isn't ready for primetime yet, but it's usable to a certain extent. Please feel free to check it out!

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