AngularJS module: navigation bar for touch interfaces
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npm installation


Load the Angular Module

If you are using Browserify, you just need to require() the module:

Otherwise, you can load dist/navigation-bar.js in your HTML:

Then, add 'navigationBar' to your app requirements:

Add the Styles

If you are using Stylus (and you should!), you can require the Stylus module, which will allows you to define some parameters:

If you are not using Stylus, load dist/navigation-bar.css into your app, and have a look inside it if you need to change animation settings.

Use the navigation-bar directive

Add a navigation-bar element into your template, and a status attribute on it, which is an object containing the following properties:

  • title: the current title (String)
  • backLabel: the “Back” button label (optional, String)
  • actionLabel: the “Action” button label (optional, String)
  • onBack: the function to call when the “Back” button is clicked (Function)
  • onAction: the function to call when the “Action” button is clicked (Function)
  • move: the current animation, left-to-right or right-to-left ('ltr', 'rtl' or 'none', String)




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