Angular Morphing Modal
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Angular Morphing Modal

Angular directive for fullscreen modal window with wonderful animation in trending Material Design style. Responsive and mobile-ready. Works in modern browsers.

How it works

Angular Morphing Modal


Install with Bower

Include Scripts

Declare Angular Dependency

Manual installation

Download contents of build/ folder from this repo, include .js files in your project. Velocity.js and Angular is required!


Define launcher: html <a href="#" class="btn" **ng-morphing-modal** content-selector="**cbc**" data-type="modal-trigger"> Fire Modal </a> And modal content markup: html <div class="cd-modal" id="**cbc**"> <div class="cd-modal-content"> <!-- your modal content --> </div> </div>

Change list:

  • Bower package
  • Initial release
  • Support for multiple DOM instances
  • Add build script
  • Refactoring sass for easy styling
  • Content from JSON/XHR
  • Extended mobile support

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Support and credits

Based on idea from this Pen Created and maintained for you by TrackDuck - visual feedback and bug tracking with screenshots for web integrated with more than 15 project management systems.


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