An AngularJS based boilerplate for mobile applications
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Author: Jehu
Submitted by: Jehu


Note: ng-mobile is completely new with Version 0.3.3.

This is a starting point for my mobile websites or mobile applications (e.g. with phonegap/cordova). ng-mobile is a AngularJS module that makes some ground work for you.

It is based on

All honor and thanks goes to the skilled people working on that great mentioned open source projects.


  • Module for AngularJS with all it's great features
  • prefetch and cache template files from routes
  • save and restore scroll position per URL
  • comes with an basic mobile theme as a staring point
  • installs the new Angular version to use $animation and other great enhancements
  • installs angular-mobile-nav



Installation is very easy...

All dependencies will be resolved automatically (AngularJS 1.1.5, angular-mobile-nav).


Include needed components to your index.html

FIXME add html code here

Declare ng-mobile as a dependency to your application.

FIXME show the code

Use the ng-mobile base theme (optional)

ng-mobile comes with an optional SASS based theme, you can use as a staring point for your own customized theme.

If you want to use the base theme, read further...

Add ng-mobile CSS

FIXME add code here

Write your views

If you want to use the ng-mobile theme as a base for your application, you should write your views on the proposed way. You can find some examples here. FIXME write Wiki page and link it here


  • write wiki pages with example code
  • Create a demo application
  • create/enhance CSS styling for html forms
  • ask someone to make a real good base theme (or some parts of it)
  • add helpfull directives for mobile purposes
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