ladda buttons without the boilerplate code
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an angular module to use ladda with ease. This module is different from other angular ladda modules you find on github.



  • clean up callbacks
  • add unit tests




Do you know ladda? I love to use these button animations as load indicators in my angular apps. But their usage always came with a drawback .. I have to manage the loading state of the buttons somehow in my app. That means boilercode in my controllers .. even if you have an directive to handle ladda.

e.g., some typical controller and template code:

And this for every controller that handles some sort of http load/save/whatever. That sums up to a lot of boilerplate code just to handle ladda buttons


I think we can do better. I think we can do this without ANY boilerplate code in our controllers. Instead of telling every button to start or stop an indicator, we link every indicator to a http route. Becuase thats what it indicates, right?.

Lets rewrite the example above with ng-ladda:

No boilerplate code in your controller (:cat:)

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