AngularJS directive that will validate an IP address and impose relevant character and structure limits
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An attribute directive that will limit an input to appropriate IP address characters and structure, as well as validate the value.

Currently only supports IPv4 Addresses

View a live demo on Plnkr, CodePen, or jsFiddle.


It is available through NPM:

npm install ng-ip-address

Or, via bower:

bower install ng-ip-address --save


Include ngIpAddress.min.js or ngIpAddress.vanilla.min.js in your build or directly with a <script> tag and require the module in your module definition:


angular.module('App', ['ng-ip-address', ... // other dependencies]);


<input ng-model="model" ng-ip-address />

Entries breaking one of the validation rules will cause the input to become invalid and gain the ng-invalid-ip-address class. Valid entries will have ng-valid-ip-address class.

Additional Options

Vanilla version does not include additional options so is a smaller file and may perform faster

Port options are accessed through ng-ip-config property.


<input ng-model="model" ng-ip-address ng-ip-config="ipConfigObj" />


$scope.ipConfigObj = {allowPort: bool, requirePort: bool};

Options default to false and requirePort being true ignores allowPort.


Limits User Input
  • Four segments with optional port (ex:
  • Each segment limited to 3 numbers
  • Leading zeroes are removed (ex: 2.02 will be turned into 2.2)
  • Duplicate periods are removed
  • Characters limited to numbers and period

with allowPort set to true

  • Limited to one colon in the fourth IP segment
  • Port is limited to 5 numbers
Validates User Input
  • Each segment must be between 0 and 255
  • Must be 4 segments

with allowPort set to true

  • If port exists, it must be between 1 and 65535

with requirePort set to true

  • Port must be present

Planned Releases

Version 1.2.0
  • Support for IPv6
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