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You may wish to detect idle users and respond, for example, to log them out so their sensitive data is protected, or taunt them, or whatever. I don't care.

This module will include a variety of services and directives to help you in this task.

Warning: This is still in active development and subject to change without noticed. Consider that carefully before including in your production projects. I expect the beta phase to last 1 to 20 years, and that should start in a decade or so.

Authored by Mike Grabski Licensed under MIT


  • Angular 1.2.0 or later (earlier might be possible but not tested).

What NgIdle Does

Check out the Overview in the wiki.

Getting Started

Include angular-idle.js after angular.js.

Bare bones example:

You may use $keepalive and $idle independently if you desire, but they are contained in the same script.




Contributors are welcome. I use the git-flow lifecyle, so master is the stable release and development is where latest ongoing development is happening.


You will need Node/NPM, Grunt, and Bower. Once you checkout from git, run npm install then bower install to get dependencies.


Use grunt test to run unit tests once, or grunt test-server to run them continuously.

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