AngularJS Module that enables iScroll 4.x to Bind Correctly
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Author: ibspoof


AngularJS Module that enables iScroll 4.x to work using a directive


See demo/ Directory


Demo in JSFiddle

Note: Recommended to be used with iOS or Android devices only


Reporting Issues

  • Issues can be reported at the Github project.


  • Include ng-iscroll.js or ng-iscroll.min.js in your html header or existing file before your application main js file
  • Add 'ng-iscroll' to your Angular app's dependencies

    • Example var App = angular.module('App', ['ng-iscroll']);
  • Add directive ng-iscroll to the <div id="wrapper">

    • Example: <div id="wrapper" ng-iscroll> * Note: the 'id' and 'ng-iscroll' must on the same div element for this directive to work correctly
    • See demo/demo_multiple_iscrolls.htm for how to use multiple iScroll divs on the same page


Binding Delay: If you want to delay the iScroll binding due to having animations or using another JS Library to modify the Angular view you can add a timeout value by using the attribute ng-iscroll-delay='{delayInMiliseconds}'. The default delay is 5ms. Note: the old method of setting the delay ng-iscroll='{delayInMiliseconds}' is still supported.

Forms: Forms within an iScroll has certain issues with editing Text values or Select boxes. To enable support for forms add the following option to the wrapper div: ng-iscroll-form='true' the default is set to 'false'

See demos/ directory for examples of both

Special Thanks

Thanks to the following help for submitting bugs and suggesting new features:

Rodrigo Mesquita de Abreu


Andre Meyering

Brandon Benson

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