A module for easy internationalization of AngularJS webapps.
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Easy internationalization for your AngularJS webapp.

Demo and Usage


  • Quality - ng-i18n is written to the highest standard
  • Simple - Translation files are stored as plain text instead of JSON. This means writing translations naturally without the need to encode. Encoding is an extra step that introduces a margin of error.
  • Fast - loads only the selected languages when needed and caches requests. Great for mobile websites or apps.
    • coming soon, configurable stateful filters
  • Feature parity between directives and filters means named variables where you need them.
  • No dependencies ( other than AngularJS )


  1. Add ng-i18n.min.js with script tag or through build process.
    1. Also available as a Bower component bower install ng-i18n
  2. Inject ngI18N into your app and configure language file location.
  3. Check out the demo for install and implementation options.

No Blockers

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