ng-fi-text makes any text fits any box of any size in any (angular) website.
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ng-fi-text 0.1.0

Makes any text fits any box of any size in any ( angular ) website.

You can see THE DEMO HERE


Install by command line with bower

Go to your project's root directory and type: bash bower install ng-fi-text

Alternative installation

Download the file from the "dist" folder of this repo, which has the newest version available, and then copy it to your project's folder.

Adding it to angular

Load the module in your application by adding it as a dependent module: javascript angular.module('app', ['ng-fi-text']);


Requeriments for making it work properly

ng-fi-text can be initialized in multiple divs inside a page. It only needs to be inside de app's scope.

It is very important to ensure the container div you will apply ng-fi-text have the css position set to relative or absolute, otherwise the plugin will place the fitting text in weird locations.

In case you want to bind normal text (non html)

To make it work add the ng-fi-text attribute to a div: html <div ng-fi-text="{{ angular.model }}"></div>

In case you want to bind html markup inside fi-text

Add the ng-fi-text attribute without any value and also add the ng-fi-text attribute with the current value assigned: html <div ng-fi-text ng-fi-text-html="{{ angular.model }}"></div>

Final result rotation

If you want to add a rotation to the resulting div, add the ng-fi-text-rotate with a positive value for a clockwise movement and a negative one for the contrary one. html <div ng-fi-text="'This text will be upside down'" ng-fi-text-rotate="180"></div>


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