Mobile Angular UI with Bootstrap 3
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Mobile Angular UI with Bootstrap 3

Angular & Bootstrap 3 for Mobile web and applications

Mobile Angular UI is an HTML5 mobile UI framework that will let you use Angular Js and Bootstrap 3 for mobile app development.

Demo, Docs and Getting Started

Check out the website with Demo, Docs and Getting Started now.


Mobile Angular UI glues together:

  • Angular 1.2+
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Angular directives for Bootstrap 3
  • An essential set of Bootstrap 3 components for mobile (navbars, sidebars, switches ..)
  • Icons with FontAwesome

Some features:

  • Mobile only Bootstrap 3
  • Scalable Icons with FontAwesome
  • Base css stripped out of responsive media queries that are put apart in separate files (just include what you need)
  • Angular JS module with angular-route, angular-touch and angular-animate prepacked and preloaded
  • Scrollable areas with overflow: auto polyfilled with iScroll
  • Slide-out/slide-in Sidebar
  • Bottom navbar
  • Justified Buttons
  • Customizable build workflow with Grunt
  • Its lighter than Bootstrap 3 + Jquery + Angular Js

Test with your devices

You can just go to


then you need node, bower and grunt so you can run npm install and use grunt to launch a local server that serves a demo app at http://localhost:3001/demo

More on

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