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Angularjs directive for Ladda button ( <300 bytes ) by @hakimel


Ladda angular

You can also check live demo on codepen

How to use


You can Install ladda-angular using the Bower package manager.

$ bower install ladda-angular --save


You can also find ladda-angular on npm.

$ npm install ladda-angular

Create your ladda button

For more information about how to create ladda button please refer ladda button repository.

The code

add the Following code into your document. <script src="path/ladda-angular.min.js"></script>


Add ladda dependency to your module var myApp = angular.module("app", ["ladda"]);


Add directive ladda-button with your normal ladda button. <button ladda-button="laddaLoading" data-style="expand-right" class="ladda-button"><span class="ladda-label">Submit</span>

Directive attribute should be a scope variable with value true or false or number.

  • true >> To start loading.

  • false >> To stop loading.

  • number >> To set progress value.

guidelines for contributors

MIT © Sachin

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