Reponsive tab menu that gracefully overflows into a dropdown.
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Responsive tabs that overflow in a dropdown menu


Provide a reponsive tab menu that gracefully overflows in a dropdown.

Demo: http://digitalfondue.ch/df-tab-menu/



  • $ bower install df-tab-menu

Once installed, add df-tab-menu as a dependency in your module:

  • angular.module('myModule', ['digitalfondue.dftabmenu']);


  • AngularJS v1.2.0+ is supported


Example html <data-df-tab-menu menu-control="{{navigationState}}" more-menu-template="<span>More +</span>"> <li menu-item="state1"><a data-ng-href="#"><span>Item 1</span></a></li> <li menu-item="state2"><a data-ng-href="#"><span>Item 2</span></a></li> </data-df-tab-menu>

  • menu-control is used to control which tab item is the current one. It can be anything available in your scope. Example: using ui-router state name $scope.navigationState = $state.current.name;
  • more-menu-template is how you want to display the overflow item
  • each menu-item refers to a possible state provided by menu-control. If a state is invalid, an exception is throw, and the directive will fail to render correctly
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