Directive for grouping multiple ng-change functions into one call
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An AngularJS plugin to group multiple change events into one call. Useful for reducing the number of calls done to a high-intensive ng-change function.


  • AngularJS 1.1.x+


First, include the delayed-change module in your application:

Next, use the directive in the same way you would use ng-change

NOTE: The callback function given may not be called each and every time the ng-model is changed. This is because the directive tries group multiple changes into one event.


To customize the default options, simply use the delayed-options directive:

Available Options:

  • delay (default: 300) - The max time to wait before calling change function, in milliseconds
  • start - Function called before change function is called
  • end - Function called after change function is called


Jeremy Nauta

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