Angular dialog module for Bootstrap 3 modals support. Custom modals with optional controllers. Dialog Service.
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requires bootstrap/modal.js




This is a dialog module for angular, which uses Bootstrap 3 modals and the custom backdrop. It creates dialogService in your app. dialogService allows you to create dialog:

dialogService.create(templateName, options);

for example

var dialog = dialogService.create('error', { className: 'errorDialog', controller: { message: "scope message" }, persistent: true, backdrop: false); }

and to call different methods:

dialog.open() dialog.close() dialog.dismiss() dialog.destroy()

or register a custom callStack on these events:

  • open
  • ready
  • dismiss
  • destroy

It supports closing the dialog with ESC key, or with Backdrop click event. Closing with Backdrop click can be disabled by setting parameter backdrop to false in method .create().


Include Bootstrap 3 modal.js file. Include dcomDialog.js and dcomDialog.css, and in the app module definition put dcomDialog as a required module.

angular.module('myApp', ['dcomDialog'])...


  • templateName: name of html template defined for the modal, will be searched in templates folder by default (relative path)
  • options: object of additional options

Supported Options

  • className: CSS class of the root dialog element
  • controller: function or object that define the modal controller
  • persistent: boolean value, defines if .close() method hides modal or removes it completely from DOM
  • backdrop: when false, it disables closing of the dialog on backdrop click




Thanks to capaj for the initial idea.


Released under MIT licence. Feel free to contribute or use.

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