AngularJS Directive. Simple date picker directive. No dependencies.
Author: 2151753? Fearful
Submitted by: 2151753? Fearful

cr-datepicker ~ AngularJS Directive

You can navigate through month and years. You can also jump to today and select a date you wish to change to.

Usage: You simply pass a date value (this is the scope object that you will use) and done!


Pure Js, only dependable (it's a directive) of angularJS.

This directive was build on top of certain knowledge, we use the compile function instead of the link function because we are not dealing with live-data when calculating the calendar, as we are in the compile cycle of the directive inside of angular's lifecycle, we can manipulate and create dom objects (weeks & days), with almost none performance cost.

We only watch for the change of the date to calculate the calendar again. This directive was meant to allow the user to select a date in a pop-up like calendar. The scope variable passed to the date-value attribute will change as the date is changed and selected.

I remind you all again, this is a WIP. Although is functional

Try it!:

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