Zero watches binding for AngularJs
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Author: Pasvaz
Submitted by: Pasvaz


High performance binding for AngularJs


  • download, clone or fork it or install it using bower bower install angular-bindonce
  • Include the bindonce.js script provided by this component into your app.
  • Add 'pasvaz.bindonce' as a module dependency to your app: angular.module('app', ['pasvaz.bindonce'])


AngularJs provides a great data binding system but if you abuse of it the page can run into some performance issues, it's known that more of 2000 watchers can lag the UI and that amount can be reached easily if you don't pay attention to the data-binding. Sometime you really need to bind your data using watchers, especially for SPA because the data are updated in real time, but often you can avoid it with some efforts, most of the data presented in your page, once rendered, are immutable so you shouldn't keep watching them for changes.


Please read the docs at




angular-bindonce was developed by Pasquale Vazzana (Pasvaz @ github)

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