Simple social authentication module for AngularJS applications.
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AngularJS Social Login (socialLogin)

AngularJS Social Login Module is a simple client side authentication module which helps to authenticate your application using Google/Facebook/LinkedIN. It doesn't maintain any session, session between client application and server should be maintained by yourself after receiving user details from the provider.

Supported sites: - Google - Facebook - LinkedIN


via bower

bower install angularjs-social-login --save

configure installation

Include JS file:

<script src="bower_components/angularjs-social-login/angularjs-social-login.js"></script>

Then include socialLogin as a dependency for your app:

angular.module('myApp', ['socialLogin']);



app.config(function(socialProvider){ socialProvider.setGoogleKey("YOUR GOOGLE CLIENT ID"); socialProvider.setLinkedInKey("YOUR LINKEDIN CLIENT ID"); socialProvider.setFbKey({appId: "YOUR FACEBOOK APP ID", apiVersion: "API VERSION"}); });


There are total three directives for handling Google, Facebook, LinkedIn authentication. - fbLogin (For Facebook) - gLogin (For Google) - linkedIn (For LinkedIn)


  • socialProvider.setGoogleKey("YOUR GOOGLE CLIENT ID")
  • socialProvider.setLinkedInKey("YOUR LINKEDIN CLIENT ID")
  • socialProvider.setFbKey("YOUR FACEBOOK APP ID")
  • $rootScope.$on('event:social-sign-in-success', function(event, userDetails){}) Braodcast event which will be triggered after successful authentication. userDetails is an Object consists of {name: <user_name>, email: <user_email>, uid: <UID by social vendor>, provider: <Google/Facebook/LinkedIN>, token: <Google ID token (only for google)>}
  • socialLoginService.logout() For logout
  • $rootScope.$on('event:social-sign-out-success', function(event, logoutStatus){}) Braodcast event which will be triggered after successful logout.


<button g-login type="button">Google Login</button> <button linked-in type="button">LinkedIn Login</button> <button fb-login type="button">facebook Login</button>

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