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AngularJS Gravatar Image Directive

This is a simple AngularJS Directive that takes an email address and creates an image tag to pull an avatar image form the Gravatar web site.

A complete tutorial on how the directive was written is at Creating a Simple AngularJS Directive


To use the directive:

  1. Include the gravatardirective.js file in your project and include a script tag in your wb page.
  2. Add the dependency 'ui-gravatar' to your AngularJS app.
  3. Add the directive where you want the image to be displayed. See sample app for directive usage.


You can configure the directive using the following attributes:

  • Email - You must supply an email address for the directive using the data-email attribute.
  • Size - You can specify the size of the avatar image using the data-size attribute. The default is 40 pixels.
  • Rating - You can specify a rating to limit what avatars are displayed. The default rating is PG.
  • Default Image - You can specify a default image to display if the email address does not have an associated avatar. The default is 404.

For more information about Gravatar Image request check out their Developer's Reference.

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