Angular 2 component that implements Loaders.css spinners
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Angular 2 Loaders.css spinners


This repository contains Angular 2 component that implements Loaders.css spinners.

Check out the demo of Loaders.css


  • NPM - Node package manager


Just run npm install angular2-loaders-css --save

Make sure you have Loaders.css installed and its CSS is linked.


Import LoadersCssComponent component and use it as a directive, e.g.:

Note that you have to use loader-attribute to choose a loader that'll be displayed, possible values are:

  • ball-pulse
  • ball-grid-pulse
  • ball-clip-rotate
  • ball-clip-rotate-pulse
  • square-spin
  • ball-clip-rotate-multiple
  • ball-pulse-rise
  • ball-rotate
  • cube-transition
  • ball-zig-zag
  • ball-zig-zag-deflect
  • ball-triangle-path
  • ball-scale
  • line-scale
  • line-scale-party
  • ball-scale-multiple
  • ball-pulse-sync
  • ball-beat
  • line-scale-pulse-out
  • line-scale-pulse-out-rapid
  • ball-scale-ripple
  • ball-scale-ripple-multiple
  • ball-spin-fade-loader
  • line-spin-fade-loader
  • triangle-skew-spin
  • pacman
  • ball-grid-beat
  • semi-circle-spin

Also you can pass loaderClass-attribute and specify CSS class for a loader if you want to change loader's color, e.g.:


The repository code is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

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