✨ A feature-rich yet lightweight data-table crafted for Angular2!
Author: 10552812?v=3 swimlane
Submitted by: 227909?v=3 amcdnl


angular2-data-table is a Angular2 component for presenting large and complex data. It has all the features you would expect from any other table but in a light package with no external dependencies. The table was designed to be extremely flexible and light; it doesn't make any assumptions about your data or how you: filter, sort or page it.

It was built for modern browsers using TypeScript, CSS3 and HTML5 and Angular >=2.0.0-rc5. This is the sister project of the angular-data-table that is designed for Angular 1.x.

Check out the documentation & demos for more information!


  • Light codebase / No external dependencies
  • Expressive Column Templates
  • Column Reordering & Resizing
  • Client/Server Pagination & Sorting
  • Intelligent Column Width Algorithms ( Force-fill & Flex-grow )
  • Integrated Pager
  • Row Selection ( Single & Multi )
  • Fixed AND Fluid height
  • Decoupled theme'ing with included Google Material theme
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