Yet Another Treeview for AngularJS
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Yet Another Treeview for AngularJS

Getting started

Yet another treeview for angular? Why ???

I couldn't find a treeview implementation for angular which would fit all my requirements. A more detailed motivation is here. Long story short:

  • external templates
  • hooks for all events (expand, collapse, select, double click)
  • transclude
  • treeview should not modify the original model
  • references to a parent and children in nodes
  • treeview context which can be used to store treeview-wide properties
  • async loading of children
  • lazy/eager creation of the virtual tree
  • easy to implement multiselect

This directive is inspired by the following projects:


  • Angular 1.2.x (should work with 1.0.x, I haven't checked)
  • Bootstrap 3.x (if you're using my templates)
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