An AngularJS WYSIWYG directive that supports multiple instances and two-way data-binding.
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Angular WYSIWYG directive.

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Required dependancies

Install each dependancy to your AngularJS project.

Add 'wysiwyg.module' to your main angular.module like so javascript angular.module('myapp', ['myApp.controllers', '', 'wysiwyg.module']); `



Option|Description ---------------------|--------------- ng-model | REQUIRED - The angular data model textarea-id | The id to assign to the editable div textarea-class | The class(es) to assign to the the editable div textarea-height | If the height is not specified in a text-area class then the hight of the editable div (default: 80px) textarea-name | The name attribute of the editable div textarea-required| True/False HTML/AngularJS required validation enable-bootstrap-title| True/False whether or not to show the button hover title styled with bootstrap

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