mobile-ready vertical carousel directive for angular
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Mobile-ready vertical carousel directive for angular js 1.2.


Add this line to your bower.json dependencies

"angular-carousel": ""

and run bower install afterwards.

The carousel depends on angular-swipe, a small extention of the current angular 1.2 $swipe service, since it doesnt support vertical swipe movements.

Include these .js and .css files into your .html main document:

/angular-swipe/dist/angular-swipe.js"> /angular-carousel/dist/angular-carousel.js">



Wrap the carousel in a layout-container:

The carousel is watching its content attribute, awaiting an array with strings of view template urls which will be included as our carousel pages. For example:

app.controller('AppCtrl', ['$scope', function($scope) { $scope.mycontent = [ 'views/home.html', 'views/about.html', 'views/contact.html' ]; }]);

When using the same template for every page (only the index changes, as in galleries for example) pass over an object with the following attributes:

app.controller('AppCtrl', ['$scope', function($scope) {

$ = [ 'image1.jpg', 'image2.jpg', 'image3.jpg', 'image4.jpg' ];

$scope.mycontent = { template: 'views/gallery.html', count: $ };


Get current index

The page index is "exposed" to the scope of the current included pages and can be accessed with a small (hacky) trick. Use this in your template files (like 'views/gallery.html'):

Gallery Slide {{ carousel.index( + 1 }} of {{ pictures.length }}

Look into 'app/' for a similar example.


Overwrite the default options via the options attribute in the directive:

Following options are available:

  • treshold: 0.25 (Double) - swipe distance to trigger a page flip (0.25 = 25% of carousel's height)
  • rubberband: 4 (Integer) - effect when reaching the carousel's border
  • duration: 300 (Integer) - milliseconds (ms) of the longest transition animation
  • extreme: 200 (Integer) - when (ms) the user starts two swipes within this timeframe it will be handled with nearly no animation (for fast usage of the carousel)
  • hint: 0 (Integer) - makes the border of the bottom coming page visible (size in pixels)
  • buffer: 3 (Integer) - number of the loaded pages (only odd numbers!)


Using grunt, bower and karma test environment with jasmine framework and jquery.

bower install && npm install

grunt serve

grunt karma grunt karma:live

grunt build (default)

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