A set of useful directives for building single page applications with AngularJS
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Quick Overview

To use this project there are no dependencies on anything other than Angular, however to get the most out of the UI elements we have chosen bootstrap for any templates which can be overridden.

This toolbelt has been created as they offer useful add-ons to the angular environment which can solve common interactions or UI needs

The following helpers are available for building rich applications with angular, with more coming

  • Growl (show dynamically messages on your interface)
  • Scroll (automatic scrolling on a page to take users to a set anchor location, but via a jump or animation)
  • Password Strength (allows checking of passwords against rules to avoid poor password selection)
  • Active Navigation (highlight navigation items depending on current uri location)
  • Infinite Scroll (dynamically load data into a list showing on the page once the list reaches the bottom of the page)
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