An AngularJS resource to interact with TastyPie REST APIs
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This AngularJS module is intended to be a lightweight handler for TastyPie's REST resources for Django. It tries to be similar to Angular's $resource in the ways it defines and retrieves resources.

TastyResource is written in CoffeeScript, but compiled versions will be included in the repository


TastyResource makes no attempt to be generic in its handling of REST interfaces. Its sole focus on TastyPie makes usage and configuration a snap.

Below is an example program that defines a resource and uses it in a controller.


TastyResource also takes advantage of certain TastyPie features. Below are some examples of these features being used.


Make use of the filter features on TastyPie by passing an object to the query function.


Although TastyResource doesn't attempt to stub out URIs in the return resources, it does understand when trying to retrieve and save resource URIs.

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