Angular based directive for excel like freeze pane V1.0 This is a angular based excel like freeze pane of table, you can view demo here

Download the project and to use this directive make sure to include the following files into your work space: 1) directive/freezepane.js

2) template/directive_template/freezepane.html /*Make sure to keep the directory as is from root folder, else change the directive path in freezepane.js */

3) styles/freezepane.css

Include "freezepaneModule" as a dependancy to your angular module.

The "tablefreeze" directive has following attributes: a) tableId = Pass the table ID you wish to apply freeze pane on b) freezeRows = No of rows that needs to be frozen c) freezeCols = No of columns that needs to be frozen d) tableTemplateUrl = Path to your table template from root directory

You can generate excel like "freezepane" on multiple tables in your application or within the same page, just pass the table id and template.

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